Dairy business elite training.

This one-year training is a hands-on elite management training divided into four phases and a concluding final phase. Each phase focusses on different technical topics which are crucial to successfully and sustainably run an industrial dairy farm. Key to this training is that all phases provide extensive tools to improve your people, financial, communication and leadership skills.

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This one year People -and Process Management Training will start Autumn 2017. Classes will be small to ensure quality education and coaching

Autumn 2017

Phase 1
Feeding livestock and strategies

Phase 2
Fertility and breeding

Spring 2018

Phase 3
Forage Production

Phase 4
Young stock rearing


Each phase:
Two intensive weeks of masterclasses

Followed by 8-10 weeks to your place of work to put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice. Work on a phase-specific case containing an improvement plan for the farm, approved by farm management and to be executed and monitored successfully with the support of your pesronal coach.

Best Professors.

The Netherlands

President Artex
Artex Barn Solutions



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on your dairy farm.

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Are you currently working at a large dairy farm or do you have the ambition to work at such a farm? Are you enthusiastic and pro-active and looking to be become one of the elite dairy managers? Ask us for more information!

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Become an outstanding industrial dairy production manager. Possess a set of skills that brings a farm and its people to the next level of efficiency, effectivity and a financial sustainable business.

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